How to win in football betting?

How to win in football betting?


Betting is a hugely popular activity among people belonging to all segments of society. People can bet on different events but sporting events are one of the most popular ones. Football and cricket matches, hockey, basketball, horse racing - all such events invite huge participation from a lot of gamblers who enjoy the thrill and risk of betting.

The risk factor is especially what makes betting such a popular event in the first place. The idea of winning while spending no effort towards it drives the reward section of the brain in a crazy way - much like a hit from an addictive substance! But this is indeed a trap. Why do you think live the people in the background of sports betting such a golden life?

How come? No matter how meticulously you figure out the bet, the outcome of the match depends only on the activities of the players at the moment! Despite that, some certain tricks and tips will ensure that you win most of the bets on a game of football that you place.

You are not the smartest one

Well... maybe you are, but this doesn't mean you know everything a you shouldn't get any advise or inspiration from other punters. Go online and search for the communities where punters exchange their knowledge. You simply can not be everywhere to keep an eye on every sport, team and league. You might be the smartest one but you are far from omnipresent and omni-knowing.

No Room for Favorites

When you are betting on a football game, what you should know for sure is that there are no favorites. You may have a favorite team and you could give your heart to it, but that's no reason to keep betting on them. Your favorite team may not be the best in the league and you have to choose accordingly. There is no commitment to a team but only a heartful commitment to betting with brain.

Go for Long Term Bets

Long-term bets or accumulators are a great way to leave emotions out of betting. These bets are not for one match but a collection of matches. You have to analyze the team's game very carefully before you can make such a choice. Say, you will be betting on 5 consecutive games as an accumulator bet. Thus, to win the bet, your team has to play as predicted in all the games. If the team does not play according to your bet you will lose the entire bet. Consider long term bets like an optoion and not a betting strategy.

Single Bets

Choosing single bets is one of the best options to let the cash out more often - comparing to acca bets. There are certain criteria that you need to analyze before you can predict the results of such a match. You should check whether the teams are complete or not if all the players that you think will play are playing or not. You also have to check the background of the team before making such a choice. Once you have all the information, you can easily make a well-informed decision about your team.

How About Going for a Tie?

Betting on a tie is not the best way to go but is a relatively easy and full-proof way!  You may think that there is very little chance of a game-ending in a tie, but it does happen more often than you can think of. Especially when we talk about surprises and tie is the place to search for football value bets. What is my way of tie betting approach? Waiting for the crowds to go crazy about a top dog and bet on the tie. If we are talking about surprises, it happens quite often that the Underdog achieves surprising tie rather than surprising win.

Stay Away from Special Bets

A special bet is designed to be attractive. It has a huge winning to offer and you can easily convert a small investment into a huge profit. However, these bets depend on pure luck. These bets are designed as to which team gets more corners or penalties. This cannot be predetermined using any analysis or statistics. The only way such incidents in a match unfolds is while the match is being played. Thus, there is no way in which you can tweak this bet in your favor. You do have a chance with such bets if you have lots of money, enough to buy players who will tweak the outcome of the match in your favor.

Choose the Late Goals

In the case of high-energy matches such as a derby match, the teams put up a lot of effort and a lot of things can happen. This is the kind of match wherein the teams put up an extra effort till the last moment and there are huge chances that there will be terrific goals in the last moment. Thus these are the kind of bets where you can safely put in a bet for late goals.

Over and Under Routing

One of the sure-shot ways to ensure that you get to win a bet most of the time is to bet on over or under a position instead of going for fixed results. For example, statistical estimation of more than 10,000 matches suggests that every match has about 2.8 goals. Thus, if you come across a bet that asks you to bet over or under 2.5 goals in the match, you could follow the statistics and go for the bet!

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